Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soalan app Dettol?

Get your game on, Loverboy.

Time to throw out the rose-scented body wash and start smelling like a real man should! 

Dettol's High Performance for Men Shower Gel will give you the deep cleansing you need with two different variants - Aqua and Extreme. If you need a lil' extra something to get your game on, look out for the special Loverboy edition, in stores on August 15. 

Unleash the real man in you too and find out what kind of man you are by answering a few simple questions with this app!

Aku tak pasti apps apa yang dettol bagi ni. Nampak menarik sebab aku rasa ramai lelaki yang mengabaikan penampilan diri serta bau badan yang busyuk dan 'kopam'.

Korang pergilah usya sendiri kat SINI dan jawab soalan-soalan tu.

Ada peluang menang Samsung galaxy tab

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